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Avijit Arya

India's Leading Coach in Micro Videos & Founder of INTERNET MOGULS

Siddharth Rajsekar

India’s Leading Information Marketing Specialist & Co-Founder of SCION SOCIAL

Gaurav Gurbaxani

India’s Leading Digital Growth Hacker & Founder Of

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Deepak Kanakaraju

Top Blogger & Founder of India’s Biggest Digital Marketing Community

Gopal Krishnan

India’s Leading Facebook Funnel Specialist & Author Of "The Story Triangle"

Sorav Jain

India’s Leading Social Media Specialist & Founder Of echoVME

Faheem Ahmed

India’s Leading Customer Acquisition Specialist & Founder Of BYT Digital

Sanjay Shenoy

India’s Top Content Marketing Specialist & Co-Founder of PIXELTRACK DIGITAL

Kulwant Nagi

India’s Leading Blogger, Affiliate Marketer & Founder of AFFLOSPARK

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